This is my submission for KilledByAPixel's 2KPlusJam 2020 ( This game is written in Lua for PICO-8. The code is minified using a NodeJS script of my own design, and then zipped using Keka for macOS. The zipped, minified source files should be no larger than 2048 bytes.


Guide a floating comet through space while trying to destroy enemy comets. Grab the pink power ups to blast your enemies to pieces. How many waves can you survive?

Play Now!


Arrow keys to move Z/X to boost forward/backwards

Plus Version

I've added the following enhancements in the Plus version:

  • Title and instruction screen
  • Sound effects and music
  • Adjusted timings and particle counts to match the music and sound

2K Version

Here are the zips and source files for the 2K version:

Play 2K

Zipped and Minified Source (1,933 bytes)

Unminified Source


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Juicy! I love the audio too.


Awesome work! Unique fun gameplay, good music and sfx, and nice and juicy feeling.

Thanks dude! Tried to make it nice and juicy so thats great to hear.